Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to make an outfit post / the biggest issue of bloggers ...

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1. If you wanna become a fashion blogger and start showing your own style ( create outfit post) , you gotta have Camera. The most wanted for bloggers are SLR cameras, with many functions and options. And the most important thing is that, they can make blurry background in photos, which are the biggest obsession for them (us). Better camera, automatically means better quality of photos, and it can affects on your blog popularity.
Many of you asked me for mine , i'm using Canon G12, and those cameras from G series are declared as one of the best for amateurs. It's small enough to fit in most of my bags, even clutches, but it's also "big" enough to provide me a good photos. With vary-angle lcd monitor that helps me a lot in many situations. But, don't forget this, the best camera is the one that fits your budget! You can try to save up some money, be patient, wait couple months and then buy, you will be really satisfied after that purchase, and not regret at all cause you missed some blazer,boots, etc ....  that season.
2. We solved this problem, now you have your camera, and wanna make outfit post for your fashion blog. The second important thing are people behind camera!For the most of the bloggers, especially famous one, that job is reserved for their boyfriends. And i can't help you if you don't have them, cause my "match maker skills "  from high school are a little bit rusty! ;) He has to be stylish as you, so you can snap a photo of him from time to time ( cause girls love to see them on your blog). ;) They learned every fashion word, every type of accessories, they know the differences between blue and electric blue, they know how to capture your details, to tell you what to do with your hair , etc ... Are you sure that they are men? ;) Ok, i don't wanna dig into those details, cause my opinion is a little bit different. Boyfriends are probably the best solution, you can see them everyday, they understand your needs, your wishes, they know you the best, but give them some break occasionally, they just wanna enjoy in some time with you ....
Besides them, you can ask some friend, sister, cousin to do that. But after couple shoots, they will realize how hard is, and probably they want answer when you call them anymore!;)
The third solution is to have tripod, take them every time with you, when you wanna make outfit post, or find some wall in front of your house/apartment, and start practicing. With this, you are risking to be called lunatic, crazy  or something similar, but common, you never seen a girl with tripod and camera in downtown, while she was making photos for her blog? ;)
3. Ok., you have your camera, your man or tripod, the next important thing that you need  is The Spot! Try to find some peaceful place, so you can relax, and start posing. Park in your neighborhood, great terrace, white wall, small empty street, place with tree alley perhaps, good wall or gate, sidewalk ... or some interesting place in your town. If you choose downtown, you are risking again, people will probably stare, make some comments, and soon you will get your audience even if you aren't famous. People are curious, so be prepared! Strike a pose! Left, right, up and down, sit, stay, hands and shoes, smile ... and you're done!
4. Camera, man or tripod, the spot, what's next? You should have something to wear! ;) Some people think that you are dressing like that because of your blog, and how blog made you/your style! Hellooou!?? We weren't naked before, we also used clothes, get dressed and were creative. So we made our blogs to show our style and creativity. Be yourself, pay attention to details, play with your clothes, enjoy, it should be fun! You don't need to have luxurious brands in your wardrobe ( yes, somehow, that's the most interesting thing for others to see) , it's important to have style, to know how to mix and match, to use one piece in different ways and show that to others, trying to become their inspiration.
5. Clean hair, nourished skin, neat finger and toenails, with or without nail polish, at least some basic make up, cause camera capture everything.
6. After you take a bath, get your hair, nails and make up done, get dressed, found the spot, perfect pose, used your boyfriend's skills, or tripod, made a bunch of photos with your camera, you gotta have a computer/laptop and good internet connection, when you come back at home! ;) You will transfer your photos to computer , choose the best ones,  edit and resize, and then upload to your blog! Labeled your clothes, write some short text, post it and share. Answer to all questions that you got through emails, comments, pages or twitter profiles and that's it!

You are probably asking why i wrote this ... I wanted to tell you how the whole process looks like, in reality but also in one funny way, for everyone who are thinking to start with blogging, or for those who are thinking that this is super easy, and disparage bloggers at all, making some inappropriate comments...
You said it's easy, piece of cake? Let us see you then! Most of the girls who are doing this doesn't get paid, don't have sponsors, free clothes etc ... But they are doing it from their heart, cause they love fashion and wanna share it with others.... And probably one of the most important things are, almost every girl that i met through my blog is well educated, studying on good Universities or they already graduated. Doing some jobs, having normal lives, and their blogs are place where they can relax, write about something they love, what they found, sharing some great information ... I found about so many interesting things, peoples, beautiful places, new technology, be inspired so many times and all of this, thanks to reading my favorite blogs! Probably, i will do it for a long, long time, make some better changes, new columns, every time when i get into another phase in my life, as im getting older.
Thanks to you, my lovely readers, this place wouldn't be complete, and i can't thank you enough for every  positive and constructive comment or suggestion that you left here .... Once again thank you for following me, and reading this huge text! Much love! 

A danas, nešto sasvim drugačije! :)
Imala sam želju da sa vama podelim nekoliko stvari, na jedan šaljiv način,  kako napraviti outfit post, šta je sve potrebno, i koji su najveći problemi koji se javljaju prlikom njegovog nastajanja.
Nemojte mi zameriti što neću prevesti ceo tekst sa engleskog jer bi onda ovaj post bio predugačak, ali se iskreno nadam da ćete ga pročitati , i da ćete mnoge stvari bolje razumeti, a možda se i nasmejati prilikom nekih zapažanja! :) Hvala vam što pratite, izdvajate vaše vreme, ostavljate divne komentare i sugestije jer bez interakcije sve ovo ne bi imalo smisla ... Hvala još jednom! :*


  1. Ovo je super. Mislim nije da mi pada na pamet da radim nesto slicno, ali objasnjava u potpunosti fesnblogerski trud i rad za svaki outfit post. I zato vas citam i gledam (skoro) svaki dan. Keep up good work :*

  2. "Some people think that you are dressing like that because of your blog, and how blog made you/your style! Hellooou!?? We weren't naked before, we also used clothes!"... Hahaha, sjano! ;)
    Tacno je da i momak uz tebe postaje fashionista! Doduse, moje je oduvijek imao otkacen stil, volio modu i tehniku, tako da je meni bas lako. :) Jedino sto cu ga morati ubrzo predstaviti na blogu, vec je poceo sa pitanjima tipa: A kad cu ja na blog? :D

  3. Haha, genijalan tekst!
    Duhovito i poučno...;)

  4. odlican post! citala si mi misli dok si ovo pisala, priznaj! nije lako praviti te outfit postove!!! ali kad dobijes komentar, skontas vredelo je truda!

  5. "You should have something to wear!" xD haha luda si :D Dopao mi se tekst! Svi misle da je jednostavno, a koliko detalja treba da se uklopi samo! :) Pod tacku The Spot moze da se doda i Light...I doba dana je bitno, sve juris da se slikas danju jer je tada lepse.
    Jeste decko najbolje resenje, a savrsen bi bio kada bi jos i pratio blogove da vidi kakve kadrove zelim :D, drugarica je najsprpljivija, a sestre/braca redovno ucenjuju! :)
    Izvini na predugackom komentaru - odlican text ;)))

  6. thank you so so so much for this! i honestly have been needing some advice from a fashion blogger like myself! great tips!

  7. "For the most of the bloggers, especially famous one, that job is reserved for their boyfriends"

    Umrla sam od smeha, ali ovo je zaista istina :D

  8. haha, super tekst... :) moj decko je vec par puta insistirao da me 'on obuce' i pitao je da li cu njega da stavim na blog :)
    i thumbs up sto si ljudima objasnila da ceo proces nije uopste jednostavan

  9. lepo si to sažela! pravi mali priručnik :)

  10. Super post :D naravno da pratimo, naravno! :D

  11. Da dodam... svidja mi se sto i juce i danas nesto drugacije na blogu :D suuupeer :DD

  12. Prochitalaaaa... kod mene je to maloo drugachije ali se slazem da ovako vecina funkcionishe...

    tumbs up za momke koji tiho podrzavaju cure blogerke... bez meshanja :)))

  13. ih a deluje tako jednostavno ;)
    rasprsila si me iluzije ;))))

  14. Sjajan je tekst :D

    Meni fali dečko sa super kamerom :P

  15. Hvala Dragana! :)
    Kani, pa sta cekas, statistike ima da skoce kad se on pojavi! ;) sablon je isti kod svih ocigledno! ;)heheh
    Hvala Slavice, Magnolia, Psyho cat, Marija, Aleksandra, Dubravka, :)
    Thanks Sara, glad that you like it! :)
    Hvala Jelena! :) trudim se, trudim se! ;)
    Marinooo, ti i Anjac ste odlican tandem, nemate slicne muke! ;) thumbs up, thumbs up, znas moje misljenje! :)
    JK, a ja taman pomislila da ces krenuti i ti! ;)
    Tirquise, hvala :) vidim da cu morati da poradim na match maker vestinama! ;)

  16. post za svaku pohvalu :) sve sam pročitala,zaista je zanimljivo! nemam blog ali upravo iz razloga koje si gore navela,iziskuje jako puno vremena, kamera,onda osobu iza kamere :D itd :)
    ugl.pratim tvoj blog već duulje vremena i stvarno iz dana u dan je sve bolji,svaka pohvala! uvijek se nađe ponešto lijepih kombinacija i zanimljivoh info.inspiracije..pogotovo sa diy-uradcima :)
    sad sam i ja oduljila sa komentarom :)
    lp :)

  17. Bravo za tekst Vanjaaaaa!
    Koliko smo samo puta sve ovo presle...:))Koliko razgovora na tu temu,kako nije jednostavno koliko se cinilo drugima...
    A sto se tice tvojih sposobnosti iz gimnazije shhh!:))Nasmejala sam se do suza...Ludo..!
    Pomislila sam kome je sad to napisala..:))

  18. Odlican post i mene si nasmejala:) Ali salu na stranu, zaista je potrebno mnogo truda i vremena da bi blog dobro izgledao i ti to svakako uspevas. Skidam kapu za trud!

  19. uf koliko tu istine ima.. meni je od svega najteže naći mjesto za slikanje.. da je lijepo i mirno i da svi ne bulje..

  20. Bas si se potrudila,uzivala sam citajuci!Definitivno share-am;)

  21. Mnogo mi se svidja post, nacin na koji si sve objasnila i u sustini kako je napisano.. Obozavam tvoj blog, uvek ima neceg interesantnog i OBOZAVAM tvoj stil i talenat da sve lepo uklopis i jos bolje nosis..
    Unapred se radujem sledecim postovima i fotkama. ;)

  22. Go ez Tami, hvalaa! :)
    JR, jel ces mi verovati ako kazem da nisam na tebe mislila, al stvarnoo?! :) ;*
    Jovana, Anja, Emina, Dijana, Mihaela .. :) hvala vam!
    Hvala B. :*
    NYqueen, hvala na divnim recima! :)
    Hvala MIla! :)

  23. Super post Vanja!:)

  24. thank you for this post! i am struggling with my blog if to include more posts on my personal style or not and this has been inspiring!xox

  25. hahahhha... extra post! Divnog momka koji ima strpljenja za sve moje izmisljotine vec imam... znaci, jos samo dobar foto aparat! ;)

  26. Hvala Zondra! :)
    Biljana, rekoh ti ja! ;)
    Thank you Pia :) glad this helped you!
    Hvala Mina! :) polako, jedno imas, nemoj mnogo da trazis ! ;) heheh

  27. Imaš savršen blog, jako mi se sviđa, sve pohvale!! :))

    Želiš se pratiti međusobno?



  28. super Vanjco! nije sve tako lako kao sto izgleda... Bitno je da blog kao sto si rekla treba da bude i jeste nase mesto za kreativnost i ideje koje smo spremni da delimo, oko koga se trudimo... to treba postovati! :*

  29. hehehe...text je genijalan! I slazem se sa tim, da jedino momak moze imati strpljenja da isprati celu pricu, svi ostali odustanu posle prvog poziranja!:)))

  30. thank you! after a year of trying so hard, finally read something very inspirational :) thank you!

  31. sa malo sete izmedju redova.....
    ali nisi pomenula koliko ovo vremena u stvari oduzima....
    sjajno,svidja mi se ceo text

  32. joj mjesto za slikanje je najteži dio..

  33. This is such an awesome post!


  34. this is a great post! I love your honesty!

  35. I like everything. Great post.
    I´d like you check out mine.

  36. Super tekst!
    I btw, trebala bi postojati neka support grupa za sve naše boyfriende/fotografe, nije njima lako :D

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  38. Hehe, super tekst!
    Izvukla si ono najbitnije, i svako bi trebalo ovo da primenjuje!
    Nazalost...Moj momak mrzi da fotografise, tako da se snalazim :))

    I deo oko odgovaranja na pitanja je jako bitan.

  39. Bravo Vanja! Ovo je pravi tekst, baš iz razloga koje si navela!

  40. Such a complete post!!!
    You´ve got an amazing camera. Mine is a Nikkon D3100, and I´m also really happy with it!!

    XOXO from Spain!

  41. this is a great post ! very great and thank you for sharing !!! you have right in many ways!!!!! it is very nice to know: we all have a passion!!!!



  42. Odlican post, baš si me nasmijala :)
    U potpunosti se slazem, i meni se sve to cinilo puno jednostavnije dok sam bila samo promatrac :)

  43. davno nisam citala ovako dug tekst na blogu i to na engleskom, pa ti moram reci-svaka cast, objasnila si ovim tekstim i slatko me nasmejala! Skroz se slazem!:) Bra-vo!:)

  44. Odličan post, svaka čast na strpljenju da napišeš sve!

  45. Ovo je pravi biznis! :)) Salu na stranu, zbilja si ovo divno napisala, posebno onaj dio o razlozima bloganja. I istina, svaka blogerica koju sam i ja upoznala je pametna i uspjesna mlada dama, nimalo povrsna zbog svoje ljubavi prema modi. Bravo Vanja! :)

  46. Great post! Love it!! You are sooo right!!! Most bloggers I have met also do it because it is a hobby or a passion, not for money or other reasons!! :)

    xoxo Denise

  47. Malo kasnim sa citanjem posta ali me je odusevio..Obozavam pojam modnih blogova i pratim gomilu njih, ali me jako nervira sto se uvek istaknu devojke koje mogu da priuste markirane stvari i onda,ironije,pocne da im stize gomila besplatne markirane odece od sponzora...
    Zato su mi draze sprske blogerke, vas par stvarno ima genijalne kombinacije koje ne kostaju hiljade evra ali ipak zaslužuju da se pojave na stranicama Ella!
    Još jednom,bravo za post!