Monday, February 2, 2015


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For some time now, I’ve been into really minimal jewelry (obsessed) and what I love even more is the fact that I can share my latest finds with you. Last week was pretty much crazy but time flies when you’re having fun and these photos are my sort of entertainment! Diamonds and gold, not bad at all!
I styled another cool shoot, this time for young jewelry brand Personal ( handmade jewelry shop, where you can turn your emotions into design) and I have to admit it was a little bit challenging for me to try all the amazing wedding bands when I'm not getting married. And then I realized: why a single girl or a girl in a long term relationship who is scared of weddings (Me) can not wear all the gorgeousness without being married?! We can and we will!
But if you decided to tie the knot, and you are one of those looking to plan their fairy-tale wedding you need to start the right ring/ding/thing now! Designers are focused on rose gold, but you can't go wrong with the traditional yellow or white! And if you need any help, this guide is just for you!

Speaking of obsessions, I’ve been pinning a lot lately, so come and join me!


  1. mislim da sam se zaljubila u ovaj prstencic od roze zlata!

  2. Prelep nakit, jos lepse fotografije, divno Vanja!

  3. absolutely lovely photos!

  4. I love the hoops! Gorgeous earrings!

  5. Odusevljena sam njihovim nakitom, vec dugo meracim jedan prstencic, samo jos da dam znak! ;)

  6. Gorgeous jewelry dear!

  7. jako lep nakit. i super fotografije.
    jako je dobro sve stilizovano (valjda nisam lupila sad tj. valjda moze tako da se kaze).

  8. beautiful! i am left drooling, i am a fashion freak myself and share my thoughts and experiences in my blog -, please visit me and let me know what you all think. Thanks for the wonderful post again :)

  9. i ja se isto plasim :( :))) super fotke, pogotovo ona sa jaknom, na njoj mi je prsten odlican..

  10. Draga Vanja, slike su zaista odlicne i kvalitetno uradjene. Koji aparat koristis? :D

  11. Baš je lijep nakit, tako je nježan... da se tako izrazim. :) Za prave dame. :)

    1. Upravo tako! :) Zaista imaju drugaciji izbor :)