Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Belgrade fashion week - young designers II ...

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                                                                                              Marta Miljanic

                                                                                               Jovana Markovic

                                                                                                Aleksandra Pecic
                                                                                                ph. Marina (check the rest of her great photos HERE)
                                                                                                videos by me

Okay, one more fashion report at midnight, young designers, round two! ;) On Saturday, we had chance to see models from Marta Miljanic, she showed us her collection "Revolution of Desire". The second in row was Jovana Markovic, she found her inspiration in jockeys, horses and fashion from forties. Leather, studs, spines, perfect moment for these details on clothes! We really like it! And at the end, sweet Aleksandra Pecic showed her romantic collection "La Dame a la Lacrone" , inspired by medieval handwork, tapestries she used cotton velvet, silk shantung and tapestry fabric to express her thoughts.
Huge thanks to Aleksandra for giving me such a great place!

p.s. stay tuned, the next post will be really special! ;)


  1. jovana markovic video kicks asses
    morala sam dopsujem :D

    vredelo je to sto ces sanjati kako uploadujes nesto na YT ;)

  2. slobodno, ovde je dozvoljeno ;)
    hvala vi gospojo! :**
    haha, sanjacu nego sta ...

  3. e pa da tu Aleksandru jos niko nije uvrstio u blg postove...hm

  4. video zapisi su postali tvoj zastitni znak, a sve zato jer su taaako dobri!!!bravo!:)

  5. Gorgeous it looks


  6. Nravno da sam imala predpremijeru ovoga..I pada sam u nesvest!Kao sto brana kaze video snimci tvoj zastitni znak!!:))