Monday, July 23, 2012

Week(s) through Instagram 4 ...

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Perfect time for one quick instagram post! You know how much i love these snap shoots from everyday life!
So, shall we start? 

1. collage - Tiramisu at Comunale restaurant; details from the outfit post; home made American pancakes;
               - long legs for a one day; almost like Jersey shore ;) (fair); berries with ice cream at Coffee dream.

2. - One of my dearest friends (my camera) and I at Square Nine hotel. ;)

3. collage - Rainy day in June; makeup from the photoshoot; The Cathedral of Saint Sava;
               - Chocolate ice cream cone; leopard sneakers pull&bear and h&m; my favorite flower hydrangea in the garden at my grandparent`s house.

4. collage - Raspberries at the afternoon; morning ride with my pimped bike; b-day cake for my sister;
               - cocktails at the bloggers night out in Soho Republic; home made creamy coffee; lemon/lime ice tea at Coffee dream.

5. - My heart and my soul, my beautiful sister at her prom night ♥

6. collage - Ripped jeans and arm swag; strawberry ice cream cone; Coca-cola addict;
               - addict II; bloggers at British residence with Elle fashion editor; home made focaccia.

7. - My fluffy love is tanning.

8. collage - Look of the day; fair in Požarevac (we celebrated there sister`s b-day); addict III;
               - cotton candy; look of the day; sunset in Belgrade.

Happy Monday people!


  1. Keric je najblesaviji. Super slike!

  2. Oh wow!! All the food looks soooo delicious!!
    Your sister looked very beautiful on her prom :)

  3. Odlično uhvaćeni momenti!
    Super si ovo odradila.

  4. I dalje, moja najomiljenija instagramica <3

  5. Aaaaa...divni momenti! :) Eto ideje za sledeci post : kako napraviti americke palacinke :)

  6. Super slike! Prelepa ti je sestra:)

  7. fantastico il cane con gli occhiali!!

  8. Lijep ti je tjedan bio! sličice su prekrasne! <3 Kiss darling!

  9. Maska<3!A pufnica je mimicina drugarica:):***

  10. Kad zoveš na Američke palačinke, koliko ih ja obožavammm!:) Kolaži su divni i inspirativni, ne znam gde pre da gledam, baš se kroz njih proija tvoja umetnička duša i oštro oko, toliko divnih momenata....Gde je ovo almost like Jersey shore? Sooo nice!

    1. kontam da je Požarevac!:) i da, seka ti je bila prelepaaa, ličite!:)

  11. Posto dugo nije bio neki recept na blogu, ja glasam za fokacu :D

  12. Wow INSTAGRAM shots! :) Soooo cooool...

  13. I love korean-like models! :)