Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mykonos / San Giorgio Hotel / exterior

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                                                                                                location: Mykonos
                                                                                                hotel: San Giorgio
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Are you ready for one more dose of Mykonos?
Prepare yourself a cold drink, take a deep breathe and start scrolling! After a one minute you will be relaxed cause this place makes you feel like that even if you just drooling over photos.
Today's post is all about San Giorgio Hotel exterior!
If you are looking for a place where you can relax from your daily life, place where you can feel like yourself, place where you can recharge your batteries than this is the perfect one for you!

Outdoor highlights:
- handpicked accessories all over the place
- turquoise pool to cool you off
- private beach with a wonderful wooden platform which has amazing view (you can make a picnic here)
- palm garden for your zen moments
- cute little church if you decide that it is about time to get married (considering this place as the right one for myself)
- deckchairs for a little siesta
- hammocks with the best view ever, just pick your place
- large tables around the pool so you can easily connect with others and meet interesting people
- room terraces with your own hammock and sea view (there is nothing better than this).

Food and drinks:
- forget about the classical menu and enjoy in San Giorgio's special food concept
- organic and fresh, simple and tasty that's the only thing you should now (their Halloumi cheese is the best thing I tried recently)
- fresh juices, smoothies, and cocktails (try rosemary mojito, one or two, or three).

- if you want to be in one of the two suites at San Giorgio, yes it can be pricey, but it totally worth it
- and if you want just a regular room it will cost you like some average hotel in Turkey or even in Spain and believe me it can't be compared
- breakfast is included in your price, and regarding the other meals, drinks and food in overall is not expensive at all, it's even cheaper than in down town, so you can order those mojitos, or vine or even a room service ;)
-  while you’re staying at San Giorgio Hotel you are a special VIP Member of their Paradise Club (check the club atmosphere HERE), free access to the VIP area, free shuttle to the club and back to the hotel
- If you book your vacation via or the airport-shuttle will be cost-free
- you can check the rates here.

Yes, they are hotel staff but I could never call them like that. These people are amazing!
From the first handshakes and sincere smiles we immediately knew that they were different. They cherish friendly relations with their guests. And it doesn't matter if you met the owners, bartender, receptionist or someone else, they are equally kind and friendly. You just have to ask and they will figure out how to respond to your wishes.  We had a few (I locked my suitcase ooops, we were hungry in the middle of the night etc) and they solved it easily. :)

At San Giorgio Hotel luxury lies in true and authentic experience.
The hotel is designed to encourage interaction, to bring like-minded individuals together to connect with self and nature. It's also giving those who are looking for a more private atmosphere the refuge to relax and recreate.
As their guest you will feel small privileges around the island.

You will feel laid-back atmosphere. You will be comfortable. You will call this place home.

 Once again thanks to San Giorgio Hotel for hosting us, we had amazing week!


  1. pa ovo je raj na zemlji! divote li!

  2. Very beautiful place. Seems like a good idea for a vacation ! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It is! :) Amazing place, a true paradise on earth!

  3. I am thinking of going there this September, really beautiful pictures.

  4. O.k., divno sve, ali....dostaaa ograda, obala i balkona, outfits please! Fali tvoja inspiracija po ovoj zegi;)

  5. Prepisujem svoj komentar kojeg sam ostavila na postu sa interior fotografijama - divnost! :)

  6. Bravo Vanja, divne fotografije!

  7. Amazing place!, misses