Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vienna / 25hours Hotel at Museumsquartier

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                                                                                                   location: Vienna
                                                                                                   hotel: 25hours Hotel at Museumsquartier
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And we are continuing the Viennese tour.
My second stop was at the 25hours Hotel at Museumsquartier which is located in Vienna's 7th district, home to the shopping quarter Neubaugasse, the museums and the heart of Vienna's young, liberal, creative scene. Inspired by the city’s Opera, Life Ball, Prater and countless music and theater stages, the hotel’s design is organically distinctive. It creates a fantastical world of circus, spectacle and extravagance, with just a touch of madness.

- the spacious foyer is a lively marketplace for hotel guests, local residents, curious passers by and hipsters from the seventh district
- der Dachboden loft with bar and rooftop terrace (is one of the best rooftop bars in Vienna)
- 1500 foodmakers and Burger de ville (food courts at the hotel)
- photo booth at the reception
- jogging corner, where you can grab a small towel or bottle of water before you start your running session
- "grab and go" breakfast if you are in a hurry
- kiosk that sells practical goods and souvenirs
- circus theme developed by Armin Fischer and his Dreimeta team (don't book a room if you are afraid of clowns ;))
- the L+ category room is a real highlight with open-air baths on a private balcony
- old suitcases as TV shelves in suites are super cool 
- stop the water while using me, all natural cosmetics
- free bike rental
- complimentary WiFi

Food and drinks 
 - the 1500 FOODMAKERS restaurant likes it simple and concentrates on pizza. It's name is a witty allusion to the number of minutes there are to enjoy food in 25 hours, so you gotta try pizza over here
- you will find California’s typical relaxed, laidback attitude and interior mixed with Italian food
- in the outdoor dining area and beer garden you can find a burger van "Burger de Ville" so you need to try their funky burgers too
- don't skip a drink or two at the Dachboden with an amazing view

- staff is cool and helpful
- people are really mad here and they are not joking. ;)
- if you are young, urban/ hipster kind of person (or you feel like this) than this is the right hotel for you

- starting price for the smallest room is cheaper than in the most of the hotels which are members to the , check it on their website.

It is surreal and surprising. Every single corner hides some cool ideas and you will love it. The lines between imagination and reality are blurred, so don't miss the opportunity to visit the the rooftop Dachboden bar  while they are having Swing&Lindy Hop night (check my short video on the Instagram Here)! It will transfer you back to the 40's! There were some serious dancers and it is definitely popular with the locals, and they always know what's best in town.

You just have to come as you are and you will enjoy.

p.s. thank you Roland for everything!


  1. Replies
    1. Daa, sjajne ideje su vidljive na svakom koraku :))

  2. sjajne fotografije, hotel izgleda odlicno!

  3. Slucajno sam naletala na tvoju sliku na ovom sajtu, mozda vec znas :)

  4. Wau savrseno! Zanima me naravno ako si voljna da odgovoris i ako nije isuvise intimno pitanje, da li se bavis turizmom pa posecujes ove hotele, tj. zanima me da li se poslovno bavis time ili ides radi odmora? Hvala na odg.unapred!

    1. Hvala! :)
      Ne radim u turizmu i najcesce putujem radi odmora, a kako je retkost naci dobre vodice koji ce na jednom mestu imati sve, odlucila sam da se vise pozabavim takvim postovima, ujedno napisem i svoja iskustva o hotelima jer bih i sama volela da postoji nesto slicno za mesta koja zelim da posetim ne bi li mi online pretraga bila sto laksa i brza. :)