Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vienna / Travel guide 1

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I have never been a typical tourist. Instead of chasing like crazy and sightseeing I always preferred to sit on some cool place, grab a drink and observe, pretending to be a resident of the city. And I firmly believe that this is the best way to feel the atmosphere and get to known better other cultures and people and after that you will easily discover every town you visit.
Before every trip, I google! I google like crazy! Searching for a new and must see places: what's fresh, what's popular, what's trendy, where are the best design spots etc. And after I arrive in every hotel I try to get even more information from the hotel's staff cause no one knows better than the locals.
With bunch of papers, names and directions I jump into bed and start creating a route.
No strict plans, just some notes, cause I don't wanna feel pressure to see everything. I like to enjoy and absorb.
So let's start this first part of my guide!
The Guesthouse Hotel is the ideal starting point for strolls through the city and visiting Vienna's hotspots. But if you are not staying at this hotel, I recommend at least to have breakfast here cause it's worth it. The organic wood-fired bakery Gragger provides fresh bread and pastries and you will love it.

Must eat/drink 
The Guesthouse Hotel - all day breakfast and coffee at the Brasserie
Palmenhaus - only 400 meters away from the hotel you will find this architectural jewel built in 1901. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy under the palms and tranquil view of the Burggarten (if you like butterflies you can check the Butterfly House next to the restaurant).
Würstelstand - next to the Albertina Museum, don't skip this if you like different type of sausages
LeSchanz - Wiener Schokolade König, near St.Stephen's Square
Clementine im Glashaus - you have to try something to eat between clementine trees
Burgring - serves raw vintage chic and down to earth food
Cafe Stadtkind - the ideal place to start or end your shopping tour
Cafe Sacher Wien - cause you need to take at least one piece of this famous cake
Figlmüller - it can be crowded because of the tourists, but believe me it is the best Schnitzel you will try, ever.

Must see
Albertina Museeum
Wiener Staatsoper/ Staatsopernmuseum
in the shadow of the St. Stephan's Cathedral there are so many well established galleries, if you are interesting in those kind of places just google it.

Must be
Albertina Passage - one of the finest dinner clubs in Vienna. The live swin, jayy and blues music will take back into another time and place.
Roberto American Bar
Porgy and Bess - Jazzclub
also the Guesthouse Hotel and Palmenhaus are places to be during the day.

Must shop
Steffl - famous department store in Vienna
Peek&Cloppenburg - not a fan of their stores at all, but during the Sale period you can find interesting piece
(Red Valentino, Max Mara, Theory etc.)
Cos - don't skip this place, they have amazing pieces
Albertina Museum - has really cool shop.

And that's it for today, for this area around my first hotel. All places are linked so you can check the address and what are they offering.


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    1. Sacekaj jos par postova da upotpunis listu, i odmah pakovanje! ;) :))

  2. Das MuseumsQuartier, nakon Kunsthalle i Leopold-a limunada kao osveženje leti, a zimi kuvano vino

    1. MQ i ostala mesta cekaju svoj red u novom postu! :))

  3. I followed it all on Instagram but now it's even better here :)

    NEWS on my blog as well.

  4. Fotografije su predivne,i post je odlican :)

  5. svake godine mu se vracam =)

  6. slike su fantazija (ti opusteno mozes samo ovim da se bavis), a bec je prelep i vredi otici ponovo, i ponovo, i ponovo...
    zanima me sad samo je l si morala da ustajes u 5h ujutro kao mali vampir da bi dobila fotke bez ljudi ili si prosto imala srece? (hehe, I kid...)

    1. Hvala ti! :)
      Generalno ustajem jako rano (ni vampiri se ne mogu takmiciti sa mnom ;)) tako da mi je predstavljalo pravi uzitak da se setkam dok je grad jos uvek "uspavan", odlican osecaj :)

  7. Ponavljam se, ali je pravi uzitak citati tvoje postove sa putovanja. Delimo misljenje povodom koncepta putovanja- posmatraj, slikaj, udahni , srkni i gricni, prosetaj pa opet slikaj... Sjano, kao i uvek!

  8. malo pisanog sadržaja, puno fotki...meh