Saturday, December 13, 2014

The best dry shampoo

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Let me introduce you to my new holy grail for hair, a true #badhairday savior, one and only, drum roll please - Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk! Hello volume and freshness!
During my recent trip to Paris, I visited City Pharma and left it with a one big sac. It's the best and at the same time cheapest pharmacy I have ever been to, and I will post about it when I try all the products.
But now, I want to share with you my impressions about the first thing from "buy,try" list. And if that pink Bioderma bottle is the Rolls Royce of make up removers Klorane dry shampoo is a king among the dry shampoos! I've tried several brands so far but this one is, oh boy, the best thing ever! It instantly absorbs dirt and oil, extends the life of blowouts by a day or two and it comes in both aerosol and non-aerosol formulas.
It's award winning product approved by Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Moss and now I know why! Perfect for all hair types, especially those whose hair get's greasy easily, and it's a must have product when you travel!
And I almost forgot, it smells gorgeous (lightly scented)!
Let me know if you tried it!

p.s. I paid something around 7.50-8.00 euros/150ml at City Pharma and I only regretted for not buying more! :)


  1. Probala sam neki iz Lilija i nije mi se dopao, da li se ovaj moze naci i kod nas?

    1. Moze, moze ima ga po apotekama :) Javi utiske ukoliko probas! :)

  2. Wow nice Post<3

    xoxo Ann


  3. I must try it!
    This is so cool!!!

  4. Pozdrav Vanja, zanima me kako koristis ovaj sampon? Vidjela sam da ga ima u apotekama kosta oko 10evra.
    Hvalaa :-)

    1. Hello, hello :)
      Otprilike ovako: , dakle razdelim kosu tako u slojeve kao na snimku, isprskam sa neke razdaljine, sacekam dva minuta i prstima protrljam teme, ne koristim fen, a ni cetku osim u slucaju kada zelim da je pokupim. :) Nekad ga koristim i na cistoj kosi kada se zbog vremena "slepi" uz lice, pa je na taj nacin "dignem" iz temena. :) Nadam se da sam dobro ovo pojasnila! :))

  5. Hvala na odgovoru. :-)