Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prague Fashion Weekend with M∙A∙C cosmetics

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                                                                                               Taxi ride
                                                                                             M∙A∙C welcome gifts
                                                                                                 The Charles Bridge

                                                                                                The Prague astronomical clock
                                                                                                Prague city map
                                                                                                Backstage pass
                                                                                               M∙A∙C Senior Artist - Netta Szekely
                                                                                                Signature look for Jakub Polanka show
                                                                                                   Backstage at MBPFW

                                                                                                 Look 1 for evening shows
                                                                                               Jakub Polanka
                                                                                                 Jakub Polanka
                                                                                                Bake shop bakery
                                                                                                  Prague city map

                                                                                               Look of the day
                                                                                               Bake shop bakery

                                                                                                    Look 2 for evening shows
                                                                                              Dior store at Parizska street
                                                                                              Parizska street

                                                                                                   traveling companions
                                                                                                  *all the photos are made with my phone

If you are following me on the Instagram then you already know that I was in Prague with my partner in crime Jelena where we attended Prague Fashion Weekend, better known as #MBPFW one week ago.
As special guests of M∙A∙C cosmetics we were part of some really great fashion shows, backstage rush and private parties. And what I can say? We had a blast!
Welcomed (and later driven around) by Tick Tack taxi service provided by M∙A∙C (I highly recommend this one when you are in Prague, they even have a WiFi in their cars) and their great team I immediately felt as a true princess because of their special treatment. Pampered and loved, that's how I would describe it! :)

Let's talk about shows now!
- My favorite one was definitely from Jakub Polanka, young Czech designer who presented some amazing pieces on the catwalk. Smart, comfortable and at the same time chic. So keep an eye on his work, this shy and really down to earth guy will make even bigger success!
Check the entire collection Here!
- Chatty is a design studio from Prague and I liked several pieces from their collection for example This and This, but I have to admit that they were a little bit confusing. They showed mix of perfectly designed pieces and those that you can find at Zara. But if they focus more on their own design skills, I think that they can create magnificent collection!
Check the entire collection Here!
- Daniela Peskova is my third favorite designer from MBPFW. She reminds me at some Serbian designers who are great in creating simple but still eye catchy pieces.
Check the collection Here!
Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of tattoos I need to share my sympathy to a true star of this MBPFW  Rick Genest aka the Zombie boy! I would never tell that he is actually bashful and nice! 

Backstage time!
M∙A∙C Senior Artist - Netta Szekely was the one who created all the make up looks according to designers collection themes and vibes. And she did the amazing job! Together with the international M∙A∙C artists she did the 26 shows for MBPFW. Well done! It's quite impressive when you see what these creative people are doing during the crazy fashion months around the globe and how many things they need to make every single show perfect when it comes to makeup. And what's even better is when you have chance to be part of it!
My favorite makeup looks are 1, 2, 3, 4 , check  more Here, they are made by talented photographer Pavel Hejný.
You can also check some black and white photos from the same photographer, click Here!

• Number of shows in major Fashion Week cities that M∙A∙C will support backstage:  208
• Number of Eye Liners and Eye Pencils ordered for Artists’ kits:  1,233
• Number of Permanent Lipsticks, Lipglasses, Lipmixes, Lip Erase and Conditioners ordered for Artists’ kits:  576
• Number of Mascara Wands and Tubes ordered  for Artists’ kits:  3,776
• Number of Lashes ordered for Artists’ kits: 844 

It was hectic, a little bit exhausting but above all very inspiring. New city, new people, new energy.
Prague is such a cute town and I would love to come back one day and explore it even more. I had chance to make only a quick tour to the most popular touristic places and I love everything except the fact that it was crowded. So if you are planning your visit, I would suggest to make an early morning sightseeing tour and enjoy!

Huge thanks to the entire team from M∙A∙C for this incredible experience, it was my honor to be your guest, ladies you are the best!


  1. I sve ove fotografije su napravljene telefonom? Ne znam da li je do tebe ili do uredjaja, ali svaka cast! :)

  2. Vecernje kombinacije su ti sjajne, hoce li biti postova sa njima? :)

    1. Nece ih biti, ovo su jedine slicice koje imam, a aparat nisam ni stigla da koristim! :) Ali ako bude vreme to dozvolilo, mozda uspem da ih fotografisem ovde! :)

  3. Divne fotkice :)
    Posebno ove gradske :D

  4. Predivna si Vanja, tako elegantna devojka.Ne volim bukvice o tome kakva zena treba da bude, ali ne mogu da se oduprem misljenju da bi volela kada bi bilo vise devojaka, zena poput tebe.

    1. Zahvaljujem Katarina na ovome! :) Evo malo i crvenim! :)) #trep

  5. Predivan foto-dnevnik, takodjer sam uživala čitajući ga ;)


  6. Sjajno, obozavam Jelenina i tvoja putovanja!

  7. Love the coverage, too bad MB Prague did not respond in time for us to do our own coverage. We are really excited tough about Prague MB FW!

    1. Oh, hope that you will be able to visit the next one, it was quite interesting, glad that you like my post! :) Thanks!