Monday, May 21, 2018


Let the beauty countdown starts now!
If you already purchased your favorite swimsuit, bunch of SPFs, your next logical thought is how to get rid off your unwanted hair, like forever. How is that even possible?
Still not sure about this word but after using the Philips Lumea Prestige last summer and redoing it this spring, there is a chance to achieve a hair-free holiday body. No stress required.

In my previous post I told you the mantra:
"use the device every two weeks for six to eight weeks, use the device every two weeks for six to eight weeks, use the device every two weeks for six to eight weeks  and you will have a hair-free skin"

6 weeks are more than enough to see the first results cause Philips Lumea Prestige gives fast, effective results while being kind to skin. By delivering super-gentle pulses of light to the hair’s roots, re-growth is dramatically reduced with up to 92% hair reduction in just three treatments! Of course, the results may vary due to different type of skin, energy settings etc.
The best thing is that this beauty tech tool has SmartSkin sensor to accurately measure your skin tone. It delivers just the right amount of energy required for your complexion, so you know your skin is in safe hands. With smart attachments specifically designed for every area of your body, it was easy to focus on the underarm zone which was my main goal to conquer.
Now,  I got one more treatment to finish before start maintaining the result every 4-8weeks.
Stay tuned!

p.s. Stores in Serbia:
-        Emmezeta, Beograd, Niš
-        Tehnomanija: Dipo, Sarajevska, Ustanička, DIS, Novi Sad, Pančevo
-        Home Plus objekti:  Beograd Ušće i Sajam, Novi Sad
-        Win Win - Ušće, Terazije
-        Comtrade: Delta City, SC Ušće, Betex
-        Gigatron: Ušće, Immo centar

Philips Serbia offers a special price for Lumea Prestige in May and June, for more information click HERE!

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