Monday, June 11, 2018

Holiday essential

                                                                                       ph. Jelena Karakas

And here I'm with my final thoughts.
In case you missed something, let's recap a little bit!
Last year I partnered up with Philips to test their latest product - Philips Lumea Prestige. I was more than satisfied with the results, but because of my laziness I stopped using it in September, and I made myself to follow the rules again this spring so I can prepare my body for summer.
Philips Lumea is a home IPL system which can be used to help prevent hair regrowth. Gentle flashes of light are applied at the root of the hairs, breaking the cycle of regrowth.
I started using the device every two weeks and I already saw after the second session that my hair did grow much slower and less than what it was before. By the end of the initial eight week treatment period skin was staying smoother for longer.
So, am I satisfy with this overall experience? Yes, and I do have several pros and cons to share with you:
- the first and the most important thing - it's safe (The Lumea was developed with dermatologists over 14 years of research, and meets EU safety regulations for home-use appliances)
-  the device recognizes skin colors with SmartSkin sensor and automatically select the adapted light intensity
- with smart attachments specifically designed for every area of your body, it easy to focus on different parts
-  it's small, and lightweight enough to be held with one hand
-  it is also possible to use the device on tanned skin which makes it ideal for doing treatments all year around
- the device can be used without having to be plugged in.
The only downside is that it can't work on very light skin and hair color, so it all depends on things like your skin tone, hair thickness, and hair color.
Would I recommend it? Yes, but it's tricky to say how it's going to work for you because of all the reasons I mentioned above.

In case you are having any doubt about the device, you can find more information Here.

p.s. Stores in Serbia:
-        Emmezeta, Beograd, Niš
-        Tehnomanija: Dipo, Sarajevska, Ustanička, DIS, Novi Sad, Pančevo
-        Home Plus objekti:  Beograd Ušće i Sajam, Novi Sad
-        Win Win - Ušće, Terazije
-        Comtrade: Delta City, SC Ušće, Betex
-        Gigatron: Ušće, Immo centar

Philips Serbia offers a special price for Lumea Prestige in June, for more information click HERE!

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